Flaxen Hare


This page will hold some fun and simple things you can make as presents that granparents, aunts, uncles and grownups will love and be able to use.


Harriet Hare believes there is nothing nicer than to make Christmas Presents for those special people in your life.


They do not need to be complicated and difficult and it means so much more when you have spent time making something special that will be enjoyed and is useful.


What will be lovely is everytime the person uses it you will be in their thoughts.



A bakers treat. If you know someome who bakes this will be an amazing present. To use sugar flavoured with natural vanilla is a dream for a baker and is just the best.

It is so easy to make but few people have it to hand in the pantry. So make someone's Christmas special by making them some Vanilla sugar.


vansugar1 vansugar2 vansugar3

1. Get a nice jar with a good fitting lid

2. Place the Vanilla pod in the jar and fill with sugar

3. Seal the jar and make a lovely label or tag for it.





This is another great present to make for people, especially those who love to cook. I think more people are enjoying cooking as there are now so many cooking programs on the television. They would not have so many if people were not watching them.


So a wonderful seasoned olive oil to cook with would be an ideal gift.

ooil1 ooil2 ooil3 ooil4

Collect your ingredients. Olive oil, and herbs and spices of your choice. Good herbs to use are rosemary, thyme, bay leafs, tarragon. Garlic is also good. It is a matter of taste.  

Chillies can be used which will make it spicy. Coriander seed is good to use with chillies.

Put your chosen ingredients into a bottle with a good fitting lid and fill with olive oil. Now you can make a pretty label to finish the gift.

Here are two finished. One has rosemary, bay leaf and garlic in it. The other has chilli, coriander seed and thyme in it.