Flaxen Hare





I guarantee almost everyone will love these bird feeders and they are so easy to make.

There are several good things about them.

First you are recycling old crockery and putting to good use any redundant tea sets.

Secondly, you can use chipped or cracked crockery, but it is best if they still have handles.

Thirdly because the seed is set into lard there is much less waste and spillage from the birds when they feed from them.

birdfeeder1 birdfeeder2 birdfeeder3 birdfeeder4 birdfeeder6 birdfeeder7 birdfeeder8

Gather ingredients:

Tea cup, saucer, glue, lard,



Squirt a generous amount of glue onto saucer towards the edge and inner rim.

Place the cup onto this puddle of sticky glue with handle of cup facing up. Leave to set. Maybe overnight?

Melt lard in saucepan gently over a low to medium heat.

When melted put in the seeds. Add more as seems right.

Stir in well.

Fill teacup with this seed mixture and leave upright until set

When set hang in tree or wrap to give as a fabulous present.

Fishing line is good to use as it becomes almost invisible. Then the cups and saucers will look like flying saucers in the trees.



A good glue to use is a silicone type glue. It makes a nice clear puddle you can sit the cup into. I am sure other glues may work.