Flaxen Hare



Comment: by Debra Elsmore

Laura's product is delightful, but what brings it all to life for me is the wonderful stories she weaves to educate and draw you in. she has a proper head girl likeabilty about her with bundles of great ideas and ability to make her a real star in her career , she is also very lovely to spend time with.

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Date Added: Friday 31 October, 2014

by Karin Whittaker

Laura's enthusiasm for teaching young and the not so young to knit is infectious, and the way she has worked out to do this is ingenious, Harriet Hare has become a real character, and everyone wants to get to know her! I am sure the Flaxen Hare and Harriet will go places they haven't even dreamt off.

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Date Added: 5th November, 2014

by Kathryn Goddard

Laura is really passionate about encouraging families to be creative and to spend time together away from todays technology. Harriet hare is a wonderful idea which really captures the imagination of children whilst encouraging them to learn a skill

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Date Added: 16th November, 2014

by Paula Farmer

Laura has made knitting exciting!!! Her kits are a great idea and her passion for creativity is infectious. What a star – I was talking about Harriet!! Good luck Laura, you deserve it.

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Date Added: 21st November, 2014

by Alison Breton

Laura is such a creative person and has captured what today's children need in her Harriet Hare character combining on line adventures with traditional enjoyable, fulfilling crafts. She also makes lovely cards which we now sell at the golf Club. Harriet Hare is superb.

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Date Added: 3rd December, 2014

by Fay Holmyard

Laura is amazingly creative and a fun person to meet and Harriet Hare always manages to make you smile.

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by Lisa Morris

Laura is a pleasure to meet - she is very creative and inspirational business woman producing a great product in Harriet Hare - holding the attention of young and old alike. I look forward to attending a knitting class and following Harriets adventures.

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Date Added: 17th December, 2014

by Julie Hawkins

Laura is a Gem, she creatively brings to the table very important classic entertainment and fun, cyber space has it's uses but sometimes you need to sit still and enjoy the more natural intention of existence. Laura reminds us of this, she is lovely and pleasant and she somehow manages to halter hyperventilation. She has a wonderful business product and needs all the support to help her realise this and keep going! Quality.

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Date Added: 22nd December, 2014

by Charlotte Poole-Graham

Laura is so incredibly creative. She focuses on her passions and spends time to create ways in which they can be shared amongst families. In turn this passes skills down to younger generations as well as encouraging families to spend time together. Not only this but her ideas for Harriet Hare's outfits and adventures amaze me time and time again. A truly creative genius!


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Date Added: Wednesday 27 August, 2014

by Natalie Bell

Laura's passion for family time and family recreation is infectious and it inspires those around her. The creative nature that Laura has injected into her business with the invention of the beautiful Harriet Hare is a joy to behold. I know that she will inspire a new generation to take up knitting as a family hobby and I cannot wait for additions to the stories and to watch the lovable Harriet grow and evolve.


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'My daughter and I have spent many pleasurable hours together knitting outfits for our Harriet. But what I recently discovered and which really did for me what Laura’s message.  A business with a message is a powerful thing – especially when it has the potential to change a nation!'

Angela De Souza     July 2015