Flaxen Hare


It was Friday evening and Harriet ran up the stairs to her room to pack her overnight bag. She chose a change of clothing and added her hairbrush, toothbrush and handkerchief. Then she put in her new, prize possession; her bright striped sleeping bag. Harriet was going for a sleepover at her friend Robin Rabbit’s house.


Harriet ran downstairs and waited as patiently as she could for her mummy to gather her things. Patience was not easy for Harriet and she fidgeted about trying not to say anything to annoy her mother in case she changed her mind about letting Harriet stay the night at Robin's. Finally, after what seemed ages, Harriet’s mummy was ready. After she had dropped Harriet off, she was going to take the opportunity for some late night shopping on her own. In peace. Harriet was not the best person for her mummy to go shopping with as she got bored very easily, especially when it became clear that she was not going to get any more toys, or sweets, or pink trainers with flashing lights on the heels!


Soon they were in the car and on their way. After five minutes Harriet said, “Are we nearly there?” “No” replied Mummy. “How long will it take”, demanded Harriet. And so it went on as it usually did when Harriet was on a car ride until they finally arrived at Robin’s house, which was an old, stone cottage in the country.


Robin was waiting excitedly and gave Harriet a big hug but the two then had to endure their mothers chatting for ages about the weather and other boring stuff before they were able to wave goodbye and run inside. Robin showed Harriet to their room and then the two friends went downstairs to enjoy a supper of fish fingers, chips and baked beans followed by ice cream and raspberry jelly.


After supper the pair played in the garden and were then allowed to watch a DVD before heading off to bed. The two chatterboxes talked and giggled for ages before nodding off to sleep. Harriet was very cosy with her striped sleeping bag wrapped around her and she started to dream about food. Just as she was about to tuck into a big cream cake she woke up suddenly with an idea. A sleepover would not be a proper sleepover without a midnight feast. She woke Robin who agreed to creep downstairs and get some cup cakes from the larder. A few minutes later she came back with cup cakes, a bowl and some icing sugar. “They haven’t been iced yet”, she told Harriet “but we can do that now”,


The two friends took a glass of water from beside the bed and were about to mix the icing sugar when Harriet sneezed and dropped the packet sending a shower of white icing sugar over their hair, faces and clothes making them look very spooky indeed. Robin’s mummy came in to investigate the noise and saw what looked like two ghostly figures in the moonlight. She let out a loud scream, which in turn made the friends jump and yell themselves. They soon realised none of them had seen a ghost and they all started to laugh long and loud.


Robin’s mummy thought it was so funny that she couldn’t tell them off but cleaned them up and tucked them back into bed where I am pleased to say they stayed for the rest of the night. It was certainly a sleepover that Harriet and Robin would not forget for a long, long time.


By Charles M Scott

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