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Fame! Playing White Hare with Seth Lakeman at Colston Hall Bristol!

Harriet Hare had the most fabulous, fantastic, joyfull, wonderful night on Friday night. She went to Bristol at Colston Hall to see her most favourite singer and band. Seth Lakeman. As you may know he does a song called the 'White Hare'.

Well as you may have got to know Harriet Hare a little by now, she thinks this must have a personal connection to her.


The cheecky little minx got all dressed up, got out her guitar, and made her way backstage to ask Seth if she could play  'White Hare' with him. I don't think the song was scheduled for the night, but do you know what, Seth, the lovely man that he is, changed his line up so he could play the song with Harriet Hare. Not only this but he allowed Harriet Hare to be at the front of the stage throughout the concert and even gave her an introduction to the whole theatre just before the track 'White Hare'.


The wonderful Lisbee Stainton was kind too. She allowed Harriet Hare to share the stage with them. Lisbee and Seth are just amazing together. Their voices works so well and their music playing too!


By Seth's feet!

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