Flaxen Hare


So Why Flaxen Hare?

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If you want to be happy just be!

I love hares. In my eyes so different from rabbits.


Hares and March go together unlike chalk and cheese.  Hares are depicted in mythology, folklore and tradition and are often associated with the full moon.


Hares are found in classic books such as Alice in Wonderland, as a guest at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. Madness is associted with Hares. Wrongly thought from The Mad Hatter's Tea Party. The hare is never referred to as mad in the book, only the March Hare. The madness of the hare more likely comes from their curious boxing antics displayed particularly in March. And whilst talking about names you may know that Alice in Alice in Wonderland was based on a real girl called Alice Liddell. I can proudly say I am related to her. Both our families being based in Oxford years ago.


As a child I was teased for being like a Mad March Hare. I thought, having a March birthday, gave me ownership of this phrase and I always looked on it with affection especially with my love of hares.


Flax is a beautiful plant. Linen is a favourite fabric. Linen is obtained from flax. I have grown flax as a wild flower and was just amazed by it. A most delicate plant. Such a slender stem with fine foliage, a wonder that it ever stands up, and when it flowers the most heavenly blue. Blue remains my favourite colour for flowers. Bees always seem to be attracted by blue flowers. Blue flowers glow at dusk, hovering in the evening fading light. Just magical. The bees are not wrong. Their last drink before bedtime.


And yes, I am flaxen.


I wouldn't want a pet hare

So I have a dog!

Me! Laura Liddell

Beautiful Flax