Flaxen Hare





Harriet Hare is very happy today to be sharing her fabulous new  

4 leaf clover knitted brooch.

It is simple and very clever as it still only uses the plain knit stitch.


Harriet Hare has used 4mm needles and Double Knit yarn.

You will need a saftey pin or a brooch clasp to turn it in to a brooch.

Only very basic knowledge of knitting is needed.


Here are the instructions.


Leaf (make 4 or 3 for a 3 leaf clover)

With 4mm needles cast on 8 stitches.

Knit 8 rows in only knit stitch. This is called garter stitch.

Next row: Knit 2 stitches together all along row. ( 4 stitches left)

Next row: Knit 2 stitches together twice. ( 2 stitches left)

Slip one of the remaing stitches over the other leaving one stitch. Cut yarn and draw up through the loop.



With the 4mm needles cast on 24 stitches.

Now cast off all the stitches.


To Make up

Gather all the pointy ends of the leaves together and secure with a few stitches using a large eye needle.

Attach one end of the stem to this point.

Sew in all ends.


Now attach either a saftey pin or a brooch back to the under side and you are ready to wear your new brooch.

Why not tie a red ribbon round it for Christmas.

Or glue it to a hair grip or clasp.



4clover1 4clover2 4clover3jpg



Here is a perfect pattern for any new knitters. It is just right to go along with the new story this January. You never know, they may be just right for next months story too?


Leg Warmers (Knit 2)


Cast on 9 stitches with DK yarn and 4mm needles

Knit 12 rows and cast off.

Make Up

Sew the cast off and cast on ends together.

This will make nice vertical ridges when they are worn by Harriet Hare.



Today you can find out how to make Harriet Hare's sleeping bag. You can make it with lots of colours or just in one colour. There are also lots of multi-tonal wool you can use which creates random patterns without you having to do anything special. The pattern has been made in a standard DK wool.


Sleeping Bag

Cast on 32 sts with 4mm needles and DK wool.

Knit 60 rows in plain knit stitch, That is knit on every row. This is often called garter stitch.

Cast off all stitches.

Sew the edges together and sew one end closed.


Harriet Hare's sleeping bag in the picture uses lots of remnants of wool. So this is a good way to use up bits. Harriet Hare loves to play with colour and loves choosing which colour to use next and how this changes the way the pattern looks. She thought about doing random stripes where the number of rows knitted of each colour changed all the way up the knitting. In the end she decided to do a simple pattern which seems to work very well to give a random look.

Harriet's Pattern

She worked 4 rows in one colour

Then 2 rows in a contrasting colour.