Flaxen Hare


June Walk

Harriet Hare is staying at Grandma’s house. She loves spending time with Granddad and Grandma. It is such fun as she always gets to do exciting things and make new things with them. Granddad encourages Harriet Hare to knit with him. Harriet loves to knit with her granddad as he tells such wonderful stories about his adventures at sea whilst he sailed or fished.  Grandma is a great cook and lets Harriet Hare help in the kitchen.  She loves to make carrot cakes most of all but everything is fun.


This weekend Grandma says to Harriet, “Today we are going to make something very special, something we can only make at this time of year.”

Harriet is most intrigued. What could it be? She had no idea.

When Grandma passes Harriet a small basket and tells her to put on her walking shoes, Harriet is even more puzzled.


Can you guess what they may be going to do?


Grandma takes Harriet Hare to some lovely green meadows surrounded by hedge groves.

“Can you see any flowers?” Grandma asks.

Harriet looks down trying to spot the flowers in the grass, but can’t see any.

Grandma laughs, “Harriet, look up, what can you see?”

Hanging from the tree are creamy white flowers swaying gently in the breeze.

“What are they?” asks Harriet

“Elderflowers” says Grandma, “and we can only pick them at this time of the year because it is now that they flower. We need to pick about 20 florets and put them in our baskets. Only pick the ones that look fresh and at their best. Old ones will not taste good.”

A floret is a group of flowers grouped together, which makes up a sprig or a head of flowers.

“What are we going to do with them?” Harriet asks Grandma in a puzzled voice.

“We shall take them home and with some other ingredients make the most glorious drink. It is called Elderflower Cordial and it is so refreshing to drink on hot days mixed with water and ice.”


Back in the kitchen …..


How to make Grandma's Elderflower Cordial



By Laura Liddell

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