Flaxen Hare



Harriet sat stirring her hazelnut museli  round and round.  She was THINKING about solving problems like in maths lessons at school.  Today they had the day off school because the teachers were learning something.  Obviously they were  learning something they all needed to know, so why couldn't everyone join in?  Grown ups have a funny way of doing things thought Harriet.


The day had started OK.  ears just floppy enough and teeth brushed till they shined.  What was she going to do today?All her school friends had been practising  BEING BORED in class, but she didn't join in because school wasn't boring, but she had to do some of it anyway, otherwise she'd be left out.  Her big sister had put up the DO NOT DISTURB sign on her bedroom door so she was doing something boring.  What could she do that was boring?  She decided the best thing she could do was get in a mood.  Holly had gone to the dentist with her mum and Grandad was on the way to his allotment 'to sort out the shed'.  Good enough to get into a mood about....


"Come on Harriet"  said Mrs Hare, " finish your breakfast.  You know I'm taking the twins to get some new sandals, they can't get into the ones from last year, and you had new ones last week.  I've put the washing on and Grandma will be round soon.  Oh, and please look for the top of the toothpaste tube in the bathroom for me... thanks."


Great.  That is BORING thought Harriet and sulked off to find the top of the toothpaste tube.


Just then the doorbell rang.  Harriet leapt downstairs to see Grandma Hare on the doorstep.  "Hello Harriet, how are you?  What are we going to do today?"  "I'm going to try to do BORING" said Harriet seriously," 'cause everyone else is!"  


Grandma Hare laughed and said, "Okay, we're going to do the most boring thing in the world.  We're going to sort out the washing - all the socks in pairs (to see how many we've lost) and hang it out to dry, and you my girl will have your own washing line.  But first I'm going to put the kettle on.  When I've had a cup of tea I'll make you your own washing line 'cause you can't reach mine.


Oh dear, thought Harriet, this isn't going to be boring enough, because nothing Grandma does is boring, so I think I'll forget about boring today and do it tomorrow.


They went outside with the big basket of washing.  Grandma tied Harriet's skipping rope onto a couple of garden chairs and lo and behold.  Harriet's own washing line.  She helped sort out the tangle of clothes and Grandma showed her how to peg her own socks on her line. It all looked so nice and tidy.  What a shame to have to take them down when they were dry.  She thought. I think I've had enough of thinking today.


Later on I'll help you finish your knitting - your carrot frock if you remember, so you can frighten Grandad when he takes you to his allotment!


Margaret Datta

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