Flaxen Hare


Harriet Hare's Adventures in Wonderland Part 1


Whilst Harriet Hare was playing in the woods she spotted a white rabbit jump down a rabbit hole. Harriet followed the white rabbit and being ever so inquisitive jumped down the hole after it. This was no ordinary hole, it was a river and as she fell she saw fish, starfish and sea horses. Down, down she fell. Harriet Hare thought it would be a good idea to start swimming.  After a while she lifted her head out of the water and saw a sandy beach. Harriet Hare swam towards the shore where she saw animals of all shapes, sizes and colours.


Once on land Harriet spied a girl.

‘Where am I?’ said Harriet

‘You are in Wonderland,’ said the girl ‘What’s your name?

‘Harriet Hare of course, what’s yours?’

‘I am Alice and welcome to Wonderland Harriet Hare. You must be hungry after your long swim. Would you like some tea and cake?’

‘Yes please!’  replied Harriet.

Alice led Harriet Hare along the white sandy beach until they came to a table filled with every sort of cake and biscuits you could ever imagine. There were pretty cups and saucers and a huge teapot, big enough for a small animal to disappear into. At the table was a man wearing a top hat.  

‘Hello Mad Hatter’ said Alice ‘This is Harriet Hare. She has had a very long swim and is extraordinarily hungry. Could she have some tea and cake please?’

“Hello and welcome.’ said the Mad Hatter ‘Come and sit down at the table and I will pour you a cup of tea.’

‘Thank you’ said Harriet Hare, who was always very polite and remembered to say her please and thank yous.

Whilst Alice, Harriet Hare and the The Mad Hatter were enjoying tea together Harriet stated ‘Wonderland is a strange place. I have never seen a place like this before. I can't wait to explore more of Wonderland.’

‘Oh goody’ cried Alice ‘I will so enjoy showing you around!’




By Libby Horsman



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