Flaxen Hare



'Learn to Knit with Harriet Hare'

 is a new and innovative knitting kit for children.                          


Harriet Hare is an enchanting toy animal and will make learning to knit fun. She is small and adorable so it is easy and quick for children to knit clothes for her, giving them a sense of acievement whilst learning a new skill for life. Children will love seeing their Harriet Hare come to life by creating knitted clothes for her. Why not knit together. Make a dress for Harriet Hare while your child knits a simpler item.


Harriet Hare is a great knitting  gift either as a kit for children to learn to knit or if the children are too young why not knit the kit yourself and give as a gift along with her ready knitted wardrobe. You will be giving something of yourself by doing this. What can be more special?


Rabbit or Hare? To me she is certainly a hare. After all her favourite book is 'Guess how much I love you' .... 'To the moon and back!'

and the characters in this book are hares.


Join her on facebook at 'Harriet Hare's Friends' page. Follow her adventures each month on the Story page and find new patterns or craft activities to do on the Make and Do page


There are fabulous videos above for you to watch to help you learn how to knit.


Spending time with children is the most precious gift you can give them.

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