Flaxen Hare


"Harriet",  Mrs. Hare called ,  "I'm going to the supermarket for a big shop.  Do you want to come?  You can have your own trolley and you won't need to look after the twins."  Harriet had been trying to solve a puzzle in her magazine and was bored with it, so she said,  "Yes Mum, just a tick- promise I won't need to look after the twins."  


Mrs Hare  got the twins kicking and screaming into the car and put on their seat-belts.  "If you two behave yourselves you can have some shop-bought hazelnut crispies,"  said Mrs Hare who was getting a bit cross. Harriet, besides trying to solve the puzzle had put too much mascara on her eyelashes and had black goo running down her face.  Mrs. Hare took no notice.


"What are we going to get?" said Harriet.  "Well" said Mrs. Hare,  "Grandad will soon start pickling his onions, so we need lots of brown vinegar and sugar,  Grandma said the damsons and plums are ready for jam so we need loads of sugar for that, and I want to make a mushroom pie so need a big bag of flour."   "Yum"  said Harriet," let's go."















It was nice and early so the supermarket wasn't busy.  Mrs Hare managed to get the twins into a twin trolley,  Harriet got her own and Mrs Hare said,  "Harriet  go over to the magazine stall and choose one.  It won't come out of your pocket money."  Harriet felt important pushing her own trolley around  and only popped a couple of things into her trolley before she got to the magazine rack


Mrs. Hare parked her trolley with the twins, (who were still thinking about hazelnut crispies) by the  salad carousel and said loudly and clearly,  "I will be five minutes, no mischief please, otherwise there will be no hazelnut crispies"


The twins eyed each other and drummed their feet.  Once Mrs Hare had gone to do her shopping, Harry looked down into the salad carousel and saw - jum - stuff and a spoon.  It was too good to be true.  He managed to get the spoon and YES  it was walnut, celery and mayo.  Their favourite.  He filled up the spoon and gave it to Henry who gobbled it up, then filled the spoon again and gobbled it up, again and again.  They were soon covered in walnut,celery and mayo and it looked as if they had got more on their faces than in their mouths.


Mrs. Hare  came back with the vinegar, sugar and flour and lots of other things and saw the twins covered head to toe.  She called Harriet and they  quickly went to the checkout.  The nice checkout lady said  "I'm so pleased your boys like our walnut and celery mayo, perhaps you'd like some kitchen roll too clean them up with. They all laughed and Harriet and her mum were much relieved that the checkout lady could see the funny side of it all.




Margaret Datta




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