Flaxen Hare



Grandad's Allotment

After lunch things were almost quiet in the Hare Household. Harriet's big sister and her friend were doing aerobics, wearing black leggings and tee shirts with their ears all tied up with ribbons.  The occasional thump made the kitchen ceiling rattle.


The twins sat next to each other at the kitchen table swinging their legs. They were all scrubbed up ready to go to Peter Vole's birthday party wearing new sandals, clean grey shorts, white shirts and their ears brushed and shining.  They eyed each other from time to time, but knew that if there was any mischief there wouldn't be any jelly and ice-cream or birthday cake.












Harriet and Holly were off to the allotment with Grandad.  He'd been waiting for ages for 'the first crop' and today was the day.  "The carrots are ready for pulling girls" said granddad. " You can come and help me if you like"


"Yes, yes please" they said,  "can we be carrots?"  "Don't be silly" said Grandad, who was VERY serious about the allotment and carrots.  "You can carry the basket and trowel,  I'll get the fork and spade and then we can be off."


"Hey, Holly," whispered Harriet,  "Have you got your carrot dress and green top?"  "Yes," said Holly,   "in my bag, how about you?" " Me too, shoosh."


Grandad, Harriet and Holly piled into his little old car and got to the allotment, which was a nice piece of ground covered with plants.  Grandad waved to his chums who were doing things with hoes and forks, or having a rest having a cup of tea.  Grandad opened up the shed with a big rusty key and told the girls to wait there with the basket until he was ready.  "Right", said Harriet,  "Let's get our carrot costumes on PDQ while he's gone."  "What's PDQ," said Holly,  "Oh for goodness sake," said Harriet  QUICK............................


The girls jumped into their carrot skirts and green tops and ran and sneakily hid among the carrots without being seen.















They heard Grandad call, "Common you two where are you, I'm starting to pull up the carrots.  Alright I'll start without you."  He walked over to the carrots and started to pull their bright green tops. Then guess what, out jumped Harriet and Holly looking as much like a carrot as they could with their bright green tops and orange skirts.


"Help", shouted Grandad, the carrots are alive!  Help...."  As Grandad pulled a handful of carrots and put them in the basket, Harriet and Holly jumped into the basket too.   "No, Grandad, it's only us, we're carrots today."  "you gave me the shock of my life," said Grandad and started to chuckle.  "Let's get these real carrots back home and we can make some carrot and courgette muffins for tea."


Margaret Datta

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