Flaxen Hare


The ethos behind Flaxen Hare is a belief that family is of fundamental importance. That time invested in our children should help build a better future and develop individuals that have a strong emotional foundation with good values to carry forward to the next generation. Family values are often passed down from previous generations. They help to define behavior and help to develop good choices.


Flaxen Hare wants to encourage recreational activities for families to share and so spend quality time together by being creative and fun loving.















Flaxen Hare is about helping to create lasting memories.

When young adults are asked what they most cherish about their childhood most will respond by mentioning the time-shared with family. The simple everyday things like bedtime stories and time spent doing things together. It was not having the best game box or the latest gadget.


These positive childhood memories are at the core of Flaxen Hare and it is this ethos that is the passion that fuels the brand.



Father and son