Flaxen Hare



Harriet and Holly had finished their homework - Maths today.  Miss Pigeon their teacher had set an interesting challenge to see how many shapes they could draw on a piece of paper and then colour them in with different colours, which was fun.  Mrs. Hare asked if they would supervise the twins at tea because she was busy tidying up, hovering and generally getting cross.


The hazelnut flapjacks they'd helped to make yesterday were moreish, and the primrose and lemon curd tart just yummy.

"Do you know something" said Harriet "I reckon we could teach Jamie Oliver a lesson or two on cooking, and we didn’t make much washing up either, did we?”


The twins had also gobbled up their, but their paws, whiskers and ears were covered with flapjack and primrose tart bits and there was plenty more on their tee shirts and shorts.


Mrs Hare came into the kitchen carrying a dustpan, brush and dusters and said, “Oh Dear, the twins are in a mess.  Girls, please get them cleaned up in the bathroom, wash their whiskers, paws and ears and make sure they clean their teeth, don't forget to squeeze out the flannels, put the top back on the toothpaste tube and then put their shorts and socks on the right way round."


Harriet drummed her paws on the table.  "You know Holly my pocket money doesn’t go far enough.  Granddad said he used to do 'bob a job', so why can’t we do a bob a job thing? Whatever a bob was? It must have been money.


Let's write a card, put it in the Post Office window, something like -  





When they had tidied up the boys and sent them out to play, they carefully wrote out the words on the back of their homework and showed it to Mrs Hare who said of course she would make a card for them and they could even have her Email address for replys.

Harriet and Holly looked up with big brown pleading eyes.....

Mrs Hare laughed, got out her purse and put some coins into a jar on the windowsill.  "There you are girls.  First customer"



Margaret Datta

Bob a Job  

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