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By Laura Liddell, Dec 10 2015 02:50PM

Spend quality time with your grandchildren and teach them how to knit. By doing so you will create fond memories between the two of you and in the future whenever they turn to their knitting they will think of you. It will create a bond that will last their lifetime.

Once mastered you can share quiet times together where you will connect over knitting. Few words will be necessary but when it does come the flow of conversation will be spontaneous and reflective.

From the age of 3 lacing cards is a good beginning to develop hand and eye coordination and they will learn to manipulate a needle through holes.

From 5, finger knitting could be introduced as it requires no needles or hooks. Arm knitting could be great fun as the stitches are huge and the rows grow rapidly. French Knitting where braids are made is another good option. Sometimes called Knitting Nancy.

From about 7 Harriet Hare knitting kit is ideal. Many people start children off by getting them to knit a scarf, as it is easy and straight. But just think how long a scarf is. How quickly will they get bored? Or even a simple hat they will need to stick with it to get a result. Harriet Hare is small so items are quick and simple to make. They can complete clothes quickly and get a great sense of achievement by completing something. Harriet Hare will rapidly begin to come to life. Children will develop a skill for life and one they will be able to hand down to their children.

Introduce lacing cards from about 3
Introduce lacing cards from about 3
Spend quality time with children
Spend quality time with children

By Laura Liddell, Dec 5 2015 02:07PM

Today is Small Business Saturday UK and Harriet Hare is helping to celebrate.

There is 35% off everything with code SBS15 and there are two new offerings today for those who do not want to knit.

Ready made dress up Harriet Hare so you can still join in all her fun here on her pages.

By Laura Liddell, Sep 10 2015 01:47PM

Art trails have become quite the thing from Go Go Gorillas in Norwich in 2013, to Shaun the sheep in London and now Bristol in 2015 to name a few.

What is there not to love? Artists have their work seen and enjoyed and charities benefit from donations at the final auctions. But another of the great things that is so dear to Flaxen Hare’s ethos is that art trails become a fantastic family activity for sharing, having fun with laughter and special times to remember. Wonderful memories to hold for the future for the whole family.

This year Shaun the Sheep hit the streets of London and now is in Bristol. I know of many families that have enjoyed their time visiting and finding them all.

Harriet Hare would have liked to have been one of the hares at this years Cirencester Hare Festival.

Florence Beetlestone organizes this event. She says ‘ I’d always planned it to be an annual event.’

Let’s hope Harriet Hare may be invited to take part in the trail next year?

There is still just time to enjoy the hares in Cirencester. The town is hosting a special new passport trail with a prize draw up until September 14th.These decorated small hares can be spotted around town and in shops along with a special mystery hare to find somewhere? There should be about 50 of these small hares dotted around town. Think how much children will enjoy this activity.

So get yourself along to Cirencester this weekend and join in the fun before it is too late.

Below is ‘Patience the Hare’ decorated by Lucy Boden. This hare, along with 5 others for a variety of departments, is located at Cirencester Hospital.

By Laura Liddell, Sep 6 2015 11:02AM

Late summer wasps pester us as we enjoy drinking and eating outside. But it is only really the Yellow Jackets that are a nuisance. There are many other types of wasps, many solitary. The Paper Bag Wasps build the most beautiful nests. Delicate paper structures an artist would be proud to create.

In fact wasps are beneficial for the garden. They help pollinate plants and are great predators of small grubs and flies and are an effective population control of garden pests.

So why is it this time of the year rather than earlier in the year that Yellow Jackets cause such irritation?

In spring and early summer the Yellow Jackets are carnivorous feeding on insects to provide protein for their developing larvae. In return the grubs secrete a sugary substance for the adults to eat. Later in the season when the grubs have matured the wasps have to find their sugary needs elsewhere and this is when we find them buzzing around our picnics and being a nuisance.

Natural remedies for stings

If you are stung by a Yellow Jacket it may leave a chemical behind that marks you as an enemy to be attacked. So run and get away as fast as you can.

A natural remedy for Yellow Jacket stings and bee stings is a paste made from baking soda applied to the sting site. This should neutralize the acid venom. Keep on for at least 15 minutes. Yellow Jackets have an acid venom whereas other wasps and hornets have a venom that are a powerful alkaline so using an acid such as vinegar should help neutralize these stings. Again leave on for at least 15 minutes.

Don’t use vinegar and baking soda together as they neutralize each other.

I have also read that a poultice of tobacco placed over a sting works well.

Another old remedy suggests taping a copper penny to the sting site. Copper has many useful properties and many people have reported that this really does work.

Lucky Harriet Hare found a small Paper Bag Wasp nest before it was used
Lucky Harriet Hare found a small Paper Bag Wasp nest before it was used
Such a beautiful structure!
Such a beautiful structure!

By Laura Liddell, Aug 20 2015 10:07AM

The Ashes is a special cricket series between Australia and England

There is a story behind the name ‘The Ashes’.

Australia defeated England in 1882.

The Sporting Times printed a spoof obituary in their paper after the event:

‘In affectionate remembrance of English Cricket

which died at the Oval on 29 August 1882’

It continued by saying ‘ Deeply lamented by a large circle of sorrowing friends and acquaintances. The body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia’.

This tickled people’s imagination and when England’s captain Hon Ivo Bligh went on tour in Australia he vowed he would return with ‘the ashes’. In reply Australia vowed to defend them.

From that day onwards, these two countries play a test match series every 2 years. Whoever wins the series, wins the Ashes. If the series is a draw ‘The Ashes’ remain with the previous winner. Since 1998 a replica urn made from Waterford Crystal is presented to the winning captain.

What is in the original urn?

It is thought that the urn contains the ashes of a bail used from the third match. Other evidence suggests it contains a ball? What do you think?

This year 2015 ‘The Ashes’ have been handed back to England ahead of their final match, which will be held 20 August at The Oval cricket ground.

Well done England. What a result!

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