Flaxen Hare



If you go to the woods you will come across a stone path leading to a white picket fence. If you go through the gate you will see a pretty thatched cottage with a blue front door and all around the house is a garden full of beautiful colourful flowers. This cottage belongs to Harriet Hare and her mummy.


Harriet is a good girl and she can be naughty and she knows how to have fun. Harriet loves to dance, play the piano, sing, spend time in nature, and play with her friends.


Today is a very special day! It is Harriet’s Birthday and she has her friends coming over for a party. Harriet put balloons in the living room and helped her mummy to put up a Happy Birthday Banner on the wall. Harriet then helped her mummy make food for the party; they made jam sandwiches, carrot sticks, fairy cakes and a chocolate birthday cake.


Harriet went upstairs and put on a lovely pink dress then knock, knock went the door.

“Your friends are here Harriet” called her Mummy from downstairs. Harriet opened the door. There was Rosie Rabbit, Bella Bear, Bobby Badger and Daniel Deer.

“Come in everyone thanks for coming to my party”. Harriet and her friends went into the living room

“Would you like to play some party games?” said Harriet Hare to her friends

“Yes” they all shouted excitedly.

“Lets play pass the parcel.” said Harriet.

They sat on the floor in a circle and when the music started Harriet passed the parcel round to her friends.

“This is fun!” said Rosie.

The music stopped Bobby Badger had the parcel.

“Well done Bobby!” said Rosie “open it and see what prize you have won”.

Bobby opened the parcel and inside was a lollipop.

“Thanks” said Bobby.

They carried on playing the game until everyone had won a prize.


“That was fun.” said Harriet “now let’s go and eat some food.”

Harriet and her friends went into the kitchen and all the food was laid out on the table.

“Looks yummy” said Daniel.

“Everyone sit down” said Harriet’s mummy “and help yourself”

While Harriet and her friends were eating, Harriet’s mummy was placing candles on Harriet’s Birthday cake. When they had finished she took the cake to the table.

“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Harriet, Happy Birthday to you” sang her friends.

Harriet blew out the candles and made a wish.

“Who would like some cake?”

“Yes please” cried everyone.

When everyone had finished eating it was nearly time for Harriet’s friends to go home, but first Harriet had presents to open. Harriet got a paint set from Rosie Rabbit, a book from Bella Bear, a jigsaw from Bobby Badger and a Doll from Daniel Deer.

“Thank you everyone for my presents.” said Harriet.

“Now it is home time.” said Harriet’s mummy  

“Thank you for coming to my party.” said Harriet Hare.

“Did you have a good party Harriet?” asked her mummy after everyone had left.

“Yes thank you Mummy.”

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