Flaxen Hare

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Harriet's friend Holly really liked going to tea at Harriet's house.


There were always lots of things to do, and a yummy tea if they were good.  Sometimes Mrs. Hare would bake fairy cakes and they could decorate them before they gobbled them up.  Sometimes there was homemade bread with strawberry jam and best of all treacle on toast, which got into the fur between their paws, but Mrs. Hare let them lick them clean.


They were it bit sad because Robin, their other friend's Daddy had got a job a long way away and had moved a long way away.


Holly loved the big wooden kitchen table where everything in the world seemed to happen.  Harriet and Holly jumped up onto their chairs to see what was going on.  Today Mrs. Hare had a big basket  of what she called 'mending'.  "What's mending" said Holly.  "Well"  said Mrs Hare,  "If a button falls off your jeans I stitch it back on again,  a stitch in time saves nine, and if I find a hole in the sleeve of Harriet's cardigan I'll put on some patches."  Hariet winced.  She had hoped for a new cardy, but when her Mum showed her what the patches were like - one bright pink and the other yellow she knew she was going to be very stylish indeed.


Today they were sorting out the cotton reels in Mrs, Hare's sewing box, but best of all they liked to tidy the buttonbox, which was great fun because the buttons kept jumping about, and they had to catch them.


Mrs Hare said, "teatime, girls upstairs for a wash and brush up".


The girls rushed upstairs.  Hariet's big sister and her friend were doing something called 'Nail Art in her bedroom .  The door was closed and she had pinned a notice on the door which said  PRIVATE DO NOT ENTER


"Oh they're so boring," said Harriet,  "Let's see what's for tea".  And guess what,  Jelly and Ice cream  with thin bread and butter and jam.


After tea Mrs. Hare said, "I know it can get a bit boring after Christmas, so we have arranged a big surprise.  Tomorrow we are all going skating at the ice rink.  I text'd your Mum Holly, and she said it's fine, so we'll pick you up at 11.00 o'clock.  Just remember to wear leg warmers because it's chilly on the ice, and mittens if you topple over.  How about that?"


The girls jumped up and down, and up and down, and up and down.


By Margaret Datta

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