Flaxen Hare


Harriet Hare woke up with a big yawn, stretched her legs, brushed her ears and washed her long whiskers with her front paws. "Hum, what shall I wear today?" she thought. "I know, my bright new red skirt and my yellow sweater", so she dressed quickly and ran down stairs.


Pulling a juicy carrot from the larder for her breakfast, she headed out into the garden and sat on the lawn nibbling away whilst admiring the clover pot. It was a prized possession as the special plant it contained always seemed to produce clovers with four leaves and we all know how lucky and indeed rare, they are.


Harriet's friends would often search in the meadows for hours without finding one. Only yeaterday, Penelope Rabbit had come into the garden with a tear in her eye as she had searched for simply ages without any sign of a clover with anything but three leaves. Harriet had felt so sorry for her that she gave her one from the clover pot and Penelope danced off happily to show it to her mother.


Finishing her carrot, Harriet wondered what she could do to amuse herself. It was a lovely sunny morning with a soft breeze that filled her nostrils with the scents from the nearby hills and the meandering river that snaked down from the fertile valley below to the vast ocean beyond. Last night she had watched the athletics on television and thought that she could be a good runner. “Perhaps I can find some friends to race”, she thought but then she remembered that she did that last week and the only one willing to race her was Terry the Tortoise. It didn’t seem much of a race really as Terry was so slow but Harriet had become bored halfway through and fell asleep by a patch of pretty yellow primroses that sprouted up in the hedgerow. When she woke up, she found out to her horror and indignation that ‘Speedy Terry’ as he was thereafter called, had actually beaten her. Perhaps another race was not a good idea.



“I know!” Harriet blurted out suddenly, startling Sammy Snail so that he retreated hastily into his nobly, spiral shell. “I’ll practice the pole vault and when I’m good at it, I’ll challenge Jeremy the grasshopper”. Jeremy thought that he was the highest jumper in the whole world and Harriet thought that it would be good to bring him down a peg or two.



Harriet went back into the house and found a long knitting needle. “Perfect”, she thought. “This will make an excellent pole”. Back in the garden, Harriet fond two forked twigs on which to balance the pole vault bar and for that she found in the shed one of those thin, green stakes that her mother used for propping up young plants. Also in the shed was an old lilo that she blew up to use as something soft on which to land. She set everything up and was all set for her first attempt. She took a long run up, jammed her knitting needle pole into the ground and leaped as hard as she could. Harriet had quite a shock as she flew into the air and landed in a heap not on the lilo but on top of the hedge.



Just then, Harriet’s mother came out. She had seen the whole thing from the kitchen window and was giggling in what the bedraggled Harriet though was a very silly manner. “Come on”, said her mother, “We need to go to the shops. I don’t think you’ll be trying the pole vault again in a hurry”!



Kindly written by Charles M Scott



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